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Shipping Policy

When a consumer places an order with us, we guarantee complete shipment at all times. From the time it is dispatched until it is delivered, we monitor your package. We will reach out to let you know if there are any problems with the shipment within a period of 24 hours. Following that, you will get another tracking code and your new package will be delivered to you a second time. Following the official receipt of your orders, a tracking code will be provided.

Our Shipping Policies

  • Please take note that if you enter an erroneous or inaccurate delivery address, we cannot resend your order or issue a reimbursement.
  • We would verify the customer's identity prior to completing an order. On weekdays only, not on vacations, your purchase will be delivered. To ensure that your item is delivered on schedule and without interruptions, we collaborate with reputable delivery companies.
  • On occasion, we ship many products as part of a single purchase; in this case, processing and delivery fees are applied exclusively to the initial package.
  • The moment that your prescription order is placed will determine how quickly it is shipped. In the case where your package is delayed, it may be because of an emergency or a holdup at customs

Costs and Estimated Delivery Time

If you choose the shipment option of Normal delivery and pay $40 for this transportation, we will send you the medicine in no more than 14 working days.

US-US shipping takes four business days

We deliver generic oxycodone in 4 working days. Express delivery is available for a $50 shipment cost. On the other hand, if you plan to order more than 180 tablets of generic oxycodone, you will be able to get free delivery.

We offer shipping to any nation on the planet. On the order acceptance page, we will display an anticipated delivery time. You can get in touch with our customer care team if your shipping is delayed or you get an incorrect package.

The delivery and tracking of every order for medication is secure. We provide a free return shipping option or a full reimbursement if your product is not delivered to the address you specified within 25 days of purchase. When a tracking code is provided, orders are reviewed and dispatched the following day, however, occasionally it happens sooner.

In order to get the medications at your place of residence, be careful to offer a delivery address that is correct. There is a potential that the package will go missing during transit, so make sure somebody is present to pick up the medications from your side or ask someone else to do so.