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Refund Policy

The refund policy of our online pharmacy will give information about the process of returning the payment made by our consumers on their pharmaceutical purchases and concentrate on their benefits. For every purchase of medication, we don't issue refunds. For refunds, we follow a specific set of guidelines. We'll clarify who is eligible for a reimbursement in our refund policy.

We will ask you for a photo of the damaged goods as confirmation, and once we have confirmed it, we will move through with the reimbursement. We'll examine your returned item after it has been delivered, at which point we'll let you know that it has been received. We'll also let you know if your request for a money return has been approved or rejected by letter.

If you are qualified, the repayment procedure will begin, and after twenty-five days the money will be paid immediately to your debit or credit card or other legitimate mode of payment.

If you don't get paid after a month, check your savings account again. After that, give the card issuer a call as it could take a few days for them to make available the funds to your savings account, even though your refund has been processed and transferred to the card.

If you've attempted all of those options and you still haven't received a reimbursement, then kindly get in touch with our online pharmacy by mail or call.

If you've attempted all of those options and you still haven't received a reimbursement, then kindly get in touch with our online pharmacy by mail or call.

Possibility Of Full Refunds

  • A customer who gets a faulty product
  • The package vanished during transportation.
  • Medicines were administered at the wrong dosage.
  • The purchased item is flawed or vanishes in transit.
  • The medication that was ordered has expired.
  • The medication amount provided was incorrect
  • The order package is being delayed by customs

Please be aware that the refund method may vary depending on the circumstances. Wait 5-8 days during business hours for the money to be transferred to your bank account. Since the majority of banks execute the sum of the refund later, we have no authority or access to them and are accordingly not accountable if there is a delay within this time range.

Acceptable for Partial Refunds

There is a possibility for you to receive a portion of your money back if you use a portion of the medications in a box and send back the rest of the pills because they are ineffective or you are not happy with them. You must include this information in a letter that you submit to us because we issued your refund right away. The other medications you send back to us will be taken into account while processing your refund.

Dispensations from Our Refund Policy

  • You are not entitled to request a refund if the damage was caused by you while opening the item.
  • No refunds are available for items purchased on sale.
  • In the unlikely scenario that you receive different dosages, we replace the products but do not issue reimbursement as a result.
  • After the shipping, a customer who demands different pills than the prescription medication they originally ordered is not eligible for a refund.
  • There should be no products in use. At no cost will used medicines be refunded.
  • You will not receive a reimbursement if you fail to ask for a refund after ten working days of receiving your package.
  • People who stopped taking oxycodone and asked for a reimbursement on their medicine won't be accepted. In such circumstances, we are unable to return the money.
  • You can contact us by phone to ask any more questions, and our customer service department would be happy to answer them.